Mapping a Type 1 FHB resistance on chromosome 4AS of Triticum macha and deployment in combination with two Type 2 resistances.

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Two categories of resistance to Fusarium head blight (FHB) in wheat are generally recognised: resistance to initial infection (Type 1) and resistance to spread within the head (Type 2). While numerous sources of Type 2 resistance have been reported, relatively fewer Type 1 resistances have been characterised. Previous study identified a Type 1 FHB resistance (QFhs.jic-4AS) on chromosome 4A in Triticum  macha. Little is known about the effect of combining Type 1 and Type 2 resistances on overall FHB symptoms or accumulation of the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (DON). QFhs.jic-4AS was combined independently with two Type 2 FHB resistances (Fhb1 and one associated with the 1BL/1RS translocation). While combining Type 1 and Type 2 resistances generally reduced visual symptom development the effect on DON accumulation was marginal. A lack of polymorphic markers and a limited number of recombinants had originally prevented accurate mapping of theQFhs.jic-4AS resistance. Using an array of recently produced markers in combination with new populations the position of QFhs.jic-4AS has been determined to allow this resistance to be followed in breeding programmes. Key words: