Legonaridin, a new member of linaridin RiPP from a Ghanaian Streptomyces isolate

Linaridins are rare linear ribosomally-synthesized and post-translationally modi fi ed peptides (RiPPs) and only two, cypemycin and SGR-1832, in this family have been identi fied so far. Legonaridin 1 has been discovered as a new member of linaridins through chemical isolation, peptidogenomics, comprehensive 1- and 2-D NMR and advanced Marfey ’s analyses from the soil bacterium Streptomyces sp. CT34, an isolate collected from Legon, Ghana. Bioinformatics analysis of the gene cluster suggested that the biosynthesis of legonaridin 1 is diff erent from those of cypemycin and SGR-1832. Consistent with bioinformatics and peptidogenomics analyses, 1 has a total of nine post-modifi cations, 8 dehydrobutyrine residues and a N,N-dimethylated N-terminus with a carboxylic acid at the C-terminus. Legonaridin 1 is structurally di fferent from the two known linaridins comprising a new subfamily. This is the fi rst time that NMR spectroscopy is used to establish the 2-D structure of a linaridin RiPP.