Introducing the Brassica Information Portal: Towards integrating genotypic and phenotypic Brassica crop data

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The Brassica Information Portal (BIP) is a centralised repository for Brassica phenotypic data. Trait data associated with Brassica research and breeding experiments conducted on Brassica crops, used as vegetables, for livestock fodder and biofuels, is hosted on the site, together with information on the experimental plant materials used, as well as trial design. BIP is an open access and open source project, built on the schema of CropStoreDB, and as such can provide trait data management strategies for any crop data. A new user interface and programmatic submission/retrieval system helps to simplify data access for scientists and breeders. BIP opens up the opportunity to apply big data analyses to data generated by the Brassica Research Community. Here, we present a short description of the current status of the repository.