Hyphal compartmentalization and sporulation in Streptomyces require the conserved cell division protein SepX.

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Filamentous actinobacteria such as Streptomyces undergo two distinct modes of cell division, leading to partitioning of growing hyphae into multicellular compartments via cross-walls, and to septation and release of unicellular spores. Specific determinants for cross-wall formation and the importance of hyphal compartmentalization for Streptomyces development are largely unknown. Here we show that SepX, an actinobacterial-specific protein, is crucial for both cell division modes in Streptomyces venezuelae. Importantly, we find that sepX-deficient mutants grow without cross-walls and that this substantially impairs the fitness of colonies and the coordinated progression through the developmental life cycle. Protein interaction studies and live-cell imaging suggest that SepX contributes to the stabilization of the divisome, a mechanism that also requires the dynamin-like protein DynB. Thus, our work identifies an important determinant for cell division in Streptomyces that is required for cellular development and sporulation.