Fine mapping of Aegilops peregrina co-segregating leaf and stripe rust resistance genes to distal-most end of 5DS.

Novel rust resistance genes LrP and YrP from Ae. peregrina identified on chromosome 5D and the linked markers will aid deployment of these genes in combination with other major/minor genes. Aegilops peregrina, a wild tetraploid relative of wheat with genome constitution UUSS, displays genetic variation for resistance to leaf and stripe (yellow) rust. The wheat Ae. peregrina introgression line, IL pau16058, harbouring leaf and stripe rust resistance, was crossed with wheat cv. WL711 to generate an F2:3 mapping population. Inheritance studies on this population indicated the transfer of dominant co-segregating resistance to leaf and stripe rust. Ethyl methane sulphonate mutagenesis of IL pau16058 identified independent loss-of-function mutants for leaf and stripe rust resistance, indicating that the leaf and stripe rust resistance is controlled by independent genes, herein designated LrP and YrP, respectively. A high-resolution genetic map of LrP and YrP was constructed using the Illumina Infinium iSelect 90K wheat array and resistance gene enrichment sequencing (RenSeq) markers. The map spans 4.19 cM on the distal-most region of the short arm of chromosome 5D, consisting of eight SNP markers and one microsatellite marker. LrP and YrP co-segregated with markers BS00163889 and 5DS44573_snp and was flanked distally by the SNP marker BS00129707 and proximally by 5DS149010, defining a 15.71 Mb region in the RefSeq v1.0 genome assembly.