dtoolAI: Reproducibility for Deep Learning

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Deep learning, a set of approaches using artificial neural networks, has generated rapid recent advance- ments in machine learning. Deep learning does, however, have the potential to reduce the reproducibility of scientific results. Model outputs are critically dependent on the data and processing approach used to initially generate the model, but this provenance information is usually lost during model training. To avoid a future reproducibility crisis, we need to improve our deep-learning model management. The FAIR principles for data stewardship and software/workflow implementation give excellent high-level guidance on ensuring effective reuse of data and software. We suggest some specific guidelines for the generation and use of deep-learning models in science and explain how these relate to the FAIR principles. We then present dtoolAI, a Python package that we have developed to implement these guidelines. The package imple- ments automatic capture of provenance information during model training and simplifies model distribution.