Designer-length palladium nanowires can be templated by the central channel of tobacco mosaic virus nanorods.

gold Gold open access

We have developed methods for the templated synthesis of palladium nanowires (Pd NWs) within the central channel of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) nanorods of various lengths. We show that uniform 4 nm diameter Pd NWs can be produced by selective growth within these channels by including the capping reagent, poly(vinyl-pyrrolidone) (PVP30K) and reducing the metal precursor to metallic palladium with ascorbic acid. The length of the Pd NWs can be controlled either by varying the length of the nanorod templates and/or through alterations to the reaction conditions. We have also demonstrated bimetallic gold (Au)-palladium (Pd) in-situ metallization of TMV nanorods resulting in the production of Pd NWs 6 nm gold nanoparticles attached to their ends. The materials produced have many potential applications in the construction of nanoscale devices.