CerealsDB – New tools for the analysis of the wheat genome: update 2020

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CerealsDB (www.cerealsdb.uk.net) is an online repository of mainly hexaploidy wheat (Triticum aestivum) SNPs and genotyping data. The CerealsDB website has been designed to enable wheat breeders and scientists to select the appropriate markers for research breeding tasks, like marker assisted selection (MAS). The implementation of the website has focused on data accessibility and ease of use. The site currently contains in excess of a million putative varietal SNPs, of which several hundreds of thousands have been experimentally validated on a range of common genotyping platforms. In addition, the site hosts the allelic scores for each SNP for thousands of elite wheat varieties, landrace cultivars and wheat relative and progenitor species. We report a large update of genotyping information for over 6,000 wheat accessions and describe new webtools for exploring and visualising the data. We also describe a new database of quantitative trait loci (QTL) that links phenotypic traits to CerealsDB SNP markers and allelic scores for each of those markers.