Antimicrobial resistance: a Biochemical Society position statement

Part of the Biochemical Societys mission is to championthe molecular biosciences and their importance inaddressing societal grand challenges. To achieve this,the Society undertakes policy work, aiming to channelthe views of its membership and community to policymakers.As part of its policy activity, the Society has issuedseveral position statements on issues relevant to themolecular biosciences and the broader science sector.These statements are developed by the Policy AdvisoryPanel, who guide and direct the Societys policy activitiesand outline its stance on these important topics.Position statements are used as a basis for the Societysengagement with policy makers on issues affecting themolecular bioscience community.Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a growing globalthreat and an issue where the molecular biosciencesplay a key role due to their importance in furtheringdevelopment of many AMR-mitigatingstrategies. In2022, the Policy Advisory Panel opted to update andrefresh the Biochemical Societys position on AMR,and this was launched during the 2022 World HealthOrganizations World Antimicrobial Awareness Week(1824 November).The full Biochemical Society position statement isshared here. We hope that this statement will be used bypolicy makers and other stakeholders to frame and guidefuture discussions on AMR.