An online database for einkorn wheat to aid in gene discovery and functional genomics studies.

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Diploid A-genome wheat (einkorn wheat) presents a nutrition-rich option as an ancient grain crop and a resource for the improvement of bread wheat against abiotic and biotic stresses. Realizing the importance of this wheat species, reference-level assemblies of two einkorn wheat accessions were generated (wild and domesticated). This work reports an einkorn genome database that provides an interface to the cereals research community to perform comparative genomics, applied genetics and breeding research. It features queries for annotated genes, the use of a recent genome browser release, and the ability to search for sequence alignments using a modern BLAST interface. Other features include a comparison of reference einkorn assemblies with other wheat cultivars through genomic synteny visualization and an alignment visualization tool for BLAST results. Altogether, this resource will help wheat research and breeding. Database URL