Dr Jun Xiao

Group Leader Centre of Excellence for Plant and Microbial Science (CEPAMS)

Jun’s group studies how plants adapt to changeable environments from both the genetic and epigenetic point of view.

Along with the global warming, the ambient temperature is increasing and the water resource is limiting, which is a big threaten to crops. Better understanding of the molecular regulation network that determines how plants sense and adapt to environment will be essential to ensure future food security.

Jun is currently working on;

  1. Plant Adaptations: Combining genetics, genomics, epigenomics and gene editing to understand and improve plant adaptations to harsh environments
  2. Chromatin 3D Structure: Revealing chromatin 3D structure evolution during wheat polyploidization and domestication
  3. Transgeneration Epigenetic Inheritance: Developing novel system to understand how ‘acquired trait’ being inherited between generations