Dr Clare Stevenson

Head of Directorate Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Clare works closely with the Director to ensure that the John Innes Centre continues its world-class programme of research and delivers its ambitious plans for the future. She acts as the interface between the Director and many aspects of day-to-day functioning of the John Innes Centre by providing support, advice and the strategic context required for leadership.

As a structural biologist Clare has extensive expertise in solving the structure of proteins using crystallography and of using biophysical techniques to study how biological molecules interact.  Having set up and managed a technology platform at the John Innes Centre for many years she has interacted and trained a wide range of researchers, contributing her specific skills to a wide range of projects.  She is proud to have had a technical career path that has led to senior management.

She believes that the people at the John Innes Centre are our strength and is committed to developing and contributing to the a diverse, inclusive, equitable and positive research culture where all contributions are recognised.

For 5 years Clare led involvement with the Technician Commitment as the institute became a founding signatory, and she is the associate lead for the external Technician Commitment team.

Clare is a

  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Chartered Scientist
  • Professional Registration assessor for the Science Council
  • Honorary Lecturer at UEA

Selected Publications

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