Barberry Rust Explorer launch evening

Join us in launching our new Barberry Rust Explorer (BarbRE) Program, a UK wide citizen science project aiming to track common barberry bushes across the country.

The barberry bush plays a complex role. It provides a vital habitat for biodiversity, particularly for the endangered barberry carpet moth. However, barberry can also play a role in crop disease. Wheat crops can be infected by fungal ‘rusts’ which damages the crop and lowers the end harvest. These rusts can overwinter on barberry.

We need your help to track the locations of barberry bushes and all you need to get involved, is a smart phone.

Your help could inform UK conservation practice to preserve wildlife, while also protecting UK crops.

Join us on the 3 April (6pm – 9pm) in the John Innes Conference Centre, Norwich to find out more about the project, conservation efforts across the UK and how you can help.

Registration for the event is free and all are welcome to attend.

The evening will include presentations from the program organisers and demonstrations of the iNaturalist phone app, displays of our historical collection of barberry material and information on various conservation programs by our partners at Drayton Manor.

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