Dr Elizabeth Orton

Postdoctoral Scientist
Crop Genetics


Tel: 01603 450185

European ash epidemic caused by just one or two fungal spores from East Asia

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Continental controls needed to maintain fightback against tree diseases

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Recent Publications

McMullan M., Rafiqi M., Kaithakottil G., Clavijo B. J., Bilham L., Orton E., Percival-Alwyn L., Ward B. J., Edwards A., Saunders D. G. O., Garcia Accinelli G., Wright J., Verweij W., Koutsovoulos G., Yoshida K., Hosoya T., Williamson L., Jennings P., Ioos R., Husson C., Hietala A. M., Vivian-Smith A., Solheim H., MaClean D., Fosker C., Hall N., Brown J. K. M., Swarbreck D., Blaxter M., Downie J. A., Clark M. D. (2018)

The ash dieback invasion of Europe was founded by two genetically divergent individuals.

Nature ecology & evolution

Publisher’s version: 10.1038/s41559-018-0548-9

Orton E., Brasier C., Bilham L., Bansal A., Webber J., Brown J. (2018)

Population structure of the ash dieback pathogen, Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, in relation to its mode of arrival in the UK.

Plant Pathology 67 p255-264

Publisher’s version: 10.1111/ppa.12762

Orton E., Brown J. K. M., Rudd J. J. (2016)

Early molecular signatures of responses of wheat to Zymoseptoria tritici in compatible and incompatible interactions

Plant Pathology - p-

Publisher’s version: 10.1111/ppa.12633

Orton E., Brown J. (2016)

Reduction of Growth and Reproduction of the Biotrophic Fungus Blumeria graminis in the Presence of a Necrotrophic Pathogen.

Frontiers in Plant Science Biotrophic plant-microbe interactions pdoi-10.3389/fpls.2016.00742

Publisher’s version: 10.3389/fpls.2016.00742

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