Science and Impact Advisory Board

The John Innes Centre Governing Council approved the appointment of a Science and Impact Advisory Board.

This board advises the Director and Governing Council on all aspects of the John Innes Centre’s science programme, assessing progress and identifying new opportunities and activities.

Science and Impact Advisory Board members

Ottoline Leyser (Chair)

Ottoline Leyser is Professor of Plant Development and Director of the Sainsbury Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.

Her research uses the control of shoot branching in Arabidopsis as a model system to understand plant developmental plasticity and particularly the role of plant hormones in integrating endogenous and environmental inputs into development. Ottoline received her BA (1986) and PhD (1990) in Genetics from the University of Cambridge.

After post-doctoral research at Indiana University, she returned to the UK and took up a lectureship at the University of York (1994), where she worked until moving to the new Sainsbury Laboratory in 2011.

Pamela Ronald

Pam Ronald is a Distinguished Professor in the Plant Pathology Department and the Genome Center, University of California, Davis.

She studies the genetic basis of resistance to disease and tolerance to stress in rice and with her collaborators, she has engineered rice for resistance to disease and tolerance to flooding, which seriously threaten rice crops in Asia and Africa.

Pam received her BA (1982) from Reed College, Oregon, an MS (1985) from University of Uppsala, Sweden, an MS from Stanford University, California (1984) and PhD (1990) from UC Berkeley, California.  After post-doctoral research at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, she joined UC Davis as an Assistant Professor (1992) where she continues her research.

Professor Bin Han

Prof Bin Han Director of the National Centre for Gene Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, and Vice President of the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences.

His current interests are in rice genomics, population genetics and applications of next generation sequencing to crop improvement. His PhD in molecular genetics (1992) was gained at the John Innes Centre and followed by 6 years of Post-Doctoral study in the Plant Science Deptartment at the University of Cambridge.

He was elected as an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2013.

Professor Colin Kleanthous

Prof Colin Kleanthous Professor Colin Kleanthous works in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford.

He aims to understand how protein-protein interactions (PPIs) underpin signalling within the Gram-negative cell envelope and cytoplasm, how changes in the environment modify these interactions to elicit different cellular responses and how PPIs are subverted by antibacterial proteins to catalyse their import into the cell. 

Professor Colin Kleanthous' laboratory website

Dr Richard Summers

Dr Richard Summer Dr Richard Summers leads cereal breeding and research at RAGT.

He is responsible for four winter wheat breeding programmes (in France, Germany, the Czech Republic and the UK), durum wheat, triticale, barley and associated research groups in genotyping, analytics, pathology and breeding support.

Additionally he has responsibility for trialling in non-core geographies in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

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