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'The Institute of Food Research and John Innes Centre Joint Proteomics Facility'

The facility comprises two state-of-the art mass spectrometers, a Bruker UltraFlex MALDI-ToF/ToF and a Waters Q-ToF II fitted with a CapLC system. In addition, duplicate sets of sample preparation robots (Genomic Solutions) are located at the JIC and IFR for 2-D gel electrophoresis, gel staining/destaining, gel imaging, spot-picking, proteolytic digestion and MALDI-plate loading.

The facility is funded by the BBSRC through core support to IFR and JIC and through Joint Research Equipment Initiative and SRIF2 grants.

The facility is centred in the Department of Biological Chemistry at JIC under the management of Dr. Gerhard Saalbach

Dr Fran Mulholland is responsible for proteomics at IFR.

maintained by:
Dr. Gerhard Saalbach