Reverse Genetics

RevGenUK is a TILLING service we offer to the plant science research community.

We find mutations in your favourite gene.

We offer a bespoke TILLING service on our populations of mutagenized model and crop species. You let us know what gene you would like to investigate and we will pick the optimum region to TILL, design the primers, carry out the TILLING and return to you a list of mutations. You can then pick the mutations you are interested in and request seeds of the lines bearing those mutations.

We also have populations of re-sequenced lines (with suffix RS) - search the database for mutations in your gene of interest.

The Reverse Gentics equipment and services at the John Innes Centre include;

  • TILLING (service)
  • ABI3730XL used for sequence confirmation
  • Fragment Analyser (AATI) used for SNP detection
  • Biomek NxP Liquid Handler (Beckman Coulter) for population development

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