Our Science

We  explore  innovative ways of working, combining genetics with mathematical modelling, imaging and genomics. This enables us to understand how events in single cells determine, for example, the performance of a field of wheat. We work with researchers world- wide and with plant breeders and producers to maximise our impact.

Plants provide the majority of food worldwide. Food production needs to be increased to meet future needs. These increases need to be achieved using limited land in a changing climate.

GRO researchers study how plants grow and respond to the environment. 

Crop productivity depends on the formation of organs such as flowers, seeds and leaves and is strongly affected by the environment. This causes complex problems that require a  deeper knowledge of plant growth, and new technologies for crop improvement and agricultural production.



We focus on key biological processes in plants that are centrally important for crop yield, such as how plant organs are formed from single cells, the coordination and timing of gamete formation, flowering and seed formation, and how genetic variation contributes to trait variation. Coupled to recent advances in genomics and modelling, our knowledge is being used to create a new generation of enhanced crops that have higher yields from reduced inputs. 

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