Field and Horticultural Services

Field Experimentation

As well as laboratories, we have a range of facilities on-site and at our nearby farm, that allow us to conduct field experiments in an agricultural situation.

On-site we have almost 3ha of growing space, which is currently home to our Phenospex phenotyping platform providing 24-hour laser scanning of plots grown in a farm environment.

The area is also used for genetic studies and experimental work on peas, including small-scale projects which require close proximity to a laboratory and non-crop species such as Aegilops spp, Arabidopsis and Medicago.

Nearby, we own 110ha at Church Farm, Bawburgh, where we will be bringing together lab and field research in one location to improve facilities for research in understanding how genes control plant growth in the field.

The Dorothea de Winton field station is set in 110 hectares of farmland, of which 20 hectares are used each year for field research on crop and non-crop plant species.

On-site are two laboratories, climate-controlled grain storage, office space for six staff, meeting rooms and storage space for agricultural equipment.

The unique germplasm grown and stored here may be the product of many years’ development and integrated research and will be kept in the medium term as a resource for researchers and breeders across the world. This includes tools for plant breeders to produce new varieties that are more reliable, nutritious and resilient to pests, diseases and a changing climate.

We have a collaborative arrangement with The Morley Agricultural Foundation which allows us to do multi-site experimentation, 10 miles from the John Innes Centre.

The sites form part of many international collaborations providing both a UK environment for experimental material and the expertise for appropriate cultivation.

Management and agronomy are tailored to the diverse plant materials used for genetic dissection, providing support for innovative phenotyping processes and new technologies in an agricultural environment.