Dr. Zhenping Yang

Visiting Scientist

Zhenping’s main study interest is plant nutrition and the interaction between root and soil. Crops absorb nutrients from soil for development. This process and the growth of roots also influences the soil physio-chemical characteristics and microbial community structures. Manipulation of the rhizosphere microbiome can improve nitrogen uptake, phosphorus dissolving and carbon fixing, through the change of the nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon metabolisms and cycles in soil. This benefits fertilizer use efficiency, crop yield and nutrition quality of the food products.

Zhenping is also interested in the biosynthesis pathways and regulating mechanisms of secondary metabolites in grains and roots of certain crops, such as anthocyanins in colored wheat and saponins in oat. Recent studies are mainly focused on the level of anthocyanins in grains of colored wheat regulated by the exogenous Se and Zn biofortification technology.