Dr Sanaz Ahmadipour

Postdoctoral Scientist Molecules from Nature

Sanaz works on scalable enzymatic routes to carbohydrate bioactives.

Originally from Tabriz, Iran Sanaz has a BSc in Applied Chemistry which was followed by a two year MSc in Organic Chemistry.

Sanaz moved to the UK in 2012 to pursue a PhD and was awarded it in September 2016 from the University of Birmingham, working in the Grainger Group, conducting research towards the asymmetric synthesis of a natural product (dictyoxetane).

Following completion of her PhD, she moved to Keele University to the lab of Dr Miller as a PDRA working on synthesising mimetic sugar nucleotides to probe a strategic bacterial dehydrogenase enzyme.

She then joined Professor Rob Field’s Group at the John Innes Centre as a Postdoctoral Scientist in 2019.