Dr Oluwaseyi Shorinola

Research Fellow Royal Society FLAIR Fellowship Designing Future Wheat

Oluwaseyi is a Royal Society Future Leader Africa Independent Researcher (FLAIR) fellow with a broad interest in wheat molecular genetics and genomics.

He is currently based in Africa, where he is using modern breeding tools to improve East Africa wheat by introducing genes to increase grain size, protein content and disease resistance.

Oluwaseyi previously did his PhD and Postdoctoral study in the Professor Cristobal Uauy lab, where he worked on finding genes providing resistance to pre-harvest sprouting in wheat and on understanding the genetic basis of root number determination in wheat.

Besides his interest in wheat, Oluwaseyi is also leading research in improving Africa orphan crops. He is currently involved in efforts to sequence the genome of two orphan crops – Africa Yam Bean and lablab.

In collaboration with Professor Uauy and Dr Brande Wulff, Oluwaseyi is also leading efforts to dissect the genetic basis of economically important traits in tef – a major cereal crop in Ethiopia.