Dr Natassja Bush

Postdoctoral Scientist Molecules from Nature

Natassja has a broad range of interests within the field of DNA topoisomerase research from novel inhibitors to Antibiotic resistance to DNA damage repair to general structural and mechanistic studies of these enzymes.

She currently works on DNA gyrase, a ubiquitous bacterial topoisomerase that is essential in all bacteria. It is a target for antimicrobials and is responsible for maintaining a specific level of DNA supercoiling in the bacterial chromosome.

Natassja is working primarily on Escherichia coli DNA gyrase and how it may play a role in illegitimate recombination. This may have consequences for antibiotic resistance.

Her project involves investigating how DNA gyrase might mediate illegitimate recombination, in particular via the subunit exchange model, and what consequences this could potentially have on DNA damage repair in bacteria during antibiotic treatment.