Man Yu

Research Assistant Molecules from Nature

Man uses High-resolution confocal imaging method and computer modelling to investigate how mechanical force influence on the polarity and shape formation of 2D leaves.

At the same time , she is using the carnivorous plant Utricularia gibba as a model to understand the development of three-dimensional structures in plants. U. gibba produces cup-shaped traps to capture tiny invertebrates. The traps’ transparency, small size and quick growth make it possible to analyse their development and the rules underpinning it.

In collaboration with Karen Lee Man is also characterising the development of these traps using a combination of light and confocal microscopy. They will use this information to test a computational model of 3D trap development.

To understand the genes underlying these developmental transitions Man is also analysing mutants in trap morphology from a forward genetic screen we have performed in the lab. In collaboration with Chris Whitewoods she will characterise mutant phenotypes and ultimately map the causative mutations.

In combination these approaches will help us to understand the genetics and development of 3D structures in plants.