Leela B. Ghimire

Research Assistant Molecules from Nature

Leela is part of the Dmitry Ghilarov Lab. Her current research focuses on elucidating the mechanism of a novel class of gyrase inhibitor. Gyrase is a prime antibiotic target because of the instrumental roles it plays in DNA replication, transcription, and gene regulation.

Antibiotic resistance is a global threat. A good solution to this is developing new and effective antibiotics accessible to the public. In this case, the first and earliest step is to shed light on how this new gyrase inhibitor actually works to kill or slow down the growth of bacteria. To do this, Leela will be carrying out a range of biochemical experiments and will be using cryo-EM techniques.

Previously, Leela studied the mechanism of fusidic acid resistance brought about by the target protection protein FusB through NMR spectroscopy.