Isabel Faci Gómez

Postgraduate Researcher Designing Future Wheat

Isabel is a second year PhD student in the Professor Cristobal Uauy group.

Her PhD focuses on:

  • Exploring coordination of temperature and photoperiod in wheat under future climate conditions and its effect on spikelet number.
  • Studying the effect of CRISPR/Cas9 induced promoter deletion events on spike architecture transcription factors.
  • Investigating variation in spike development in the Watkins collection.

Previously, she was a Research Assistant and an Erasmus student in Cristobal’s lab and focused on cloning with Golden Gate and on an ATAC-seq and RNA-seq experiment across 16 timepoints of spike and ovary development.

Before that, she did her B. Sc. In Biotechnology in Technical University of Madrid, Spain. Her undergraduate project involved studying a 189 Spanish landraces collection for quality traits and a subsequent GWA study.

She is passionate about the importance of taking care of the environment and loves nature. She also enjoys climbing, yoga, and football.