Isabel Diez Santos

Postgraduate Researcher Molecules from Nature

Isabel is a PhD student working on induced antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

The increasing rate of antibiotic-resistant bacteria causing life-threatening infections, is a global threat.

Bacteria have multiple tools to resist the action antibiotics. We already know a lot about them, but we still don’t fully understand how and when microorganisms develop antibiotic resistance. Also, we don’t know how antibiotics, apart from killing bacteria, can have the opposite effect and “make” bacteria antibiotic-resistant.

Such phenomenon, have been observed in bacteria treated with quinolone drugs and it is the main interest of Isabel’s research.

Quinolones are antibiotics that inhibit topoisomerases (enzymes that modify the topology of DNA). It is been shown that quinolones can induce antibiotic resistance in bacteria, although the underlying molecular mechanisms are not clear.

In her PhD project, Isabel aims to understand such molecular mechanisms by applying microbiological and genetic techniques.