Dr Guangyan Lu

Postdoctoral Scientist Genes in the Environment

Guangyang is working on phenotyping two populations of rapeseed for seedling vigour under stress conditions.

He is currently working on a close-to-market Chinese Double Haploid (DH) population, and the ASSYST panel of over 300 Brassica napus varieties. This work will take advantage of a new high throughput automated seed germination phenotyping system at the John Innes Centre, and using the two populations to generate datasets for seed germination and establishment rates under warm dry conditions.

Guangyan will then use post-genomic techniques to identify the gene variants underlying this variation and subsequently the biological mechanisms.

In order to confirm the function of promising alleles in the lab will first make use of Arabidopsis mutants to confirm the role of candidate genes in seedling establishment, and conduct mechanistic studies directed by the findings. These alleles will then be ready to take forward into a larger follow up project.