Dr Colette Matthewman

Project Manager

Colette Matthewman is the Programme Manager for OpenPlant.

With a research background in the plant sciences, she has a broad overview of OpenPlant research activities, and coordinates the OpenPlant Fund, Biomaker Challenge, Annual OpenPlant Forum and a variety of other events, training, and outreach activities. She aims to build new synergies and increase the impact of the centre.

OpenPlant is a joint initiative between the John Innes Centre, the University of Cambridge and the Earlham Institute, funded by the BBSRC and EPSRC as part of the UK Synthetic Biology for Growth programme. OpenPlant aims to develop open technologies and responsible innovations for industrial biotechnology and sustainable agriculture through the following activities:

  • Developing new tools and methods for plant synthetic biology,
  • Providing mechanisms for open sharing of standardised resources,
  • Applying these tools to world-leading projects in trait development
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary exchange, outreach and international development

Colette works closely with the Science Art Writing Trust (SAW Trust) to deliver innovative outreach and public engagement events on synthetic biology.

She also maintains involvement in a number of Responsible Research and Innovation projects and is leading a project to develop resources for school pupils to learn about synthetic biology.

She works with Prof Anne Osbourn, and recently worked on the launch of the Open Material Transfer Agreement.

Selected Publications

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