Dr Brande Wulff

Visiting Scientist Designing Future Wheat

Brande’s research programme explores the genetics of disease resistance in wheat.

This research has led to developing fast, new and efficient methods for gene discovery and cloning which use mutant and natural populations followed by sequence alignment to locate genes, a technique which could be applied to a range of crop plants.

Brande has also developed a method for reducing the wheat generation time to eight weeks, in a controlled environment, dramatically speeding up capabilities for research and breeding purposes.

Brande is also interested in how microbial effector proteins, their host targets, and plant immune receptors co-evolve.

His work seeks to translate knowledge of this interaction into practical solutions for genetic disease control in agricultural systems.

His focus is on bread wheat and major diseases of wheat – including stem rust, wheat blast and Septoria tritici blotch.

Brande’s long-term goal is to provide resistance gene–based solutions to prevalent disease threats of wheat in the UK and worldwide.