Anna Colvile

Postgraduate Researcher Plant Health

Anna is investigating how the bacterial signal cyclic-di-GMP controls Pseudomonas syringae infection of tomato plants.

Cyclic-di-GMP is a nucleotide second messenger which is important for P. syringae virulence. It binds to proteins, altering their function and aiding plant infection.

Anna is studying how several proteins interact with cyclic-di-GMP, in particular a biosynthetic enzyme involved in coronatine production.

Coronatine is a phytotoxin secreted by P. syringae that enables it to enter plants through their stomata.

Characterisation of the interaction between cyclic-di-GMP and this biosynthetic enzyme will contribute to our understanding of bacterial signalling and its importance during plant infection.

Anna  is studying as part of the Norwich Research Park Doctoral Training Partnership funded by the BBSRC.