Fellows of the Royal Society

In total, 27 John Innes Centre researchers (including Alumni) have been elected as fellows of the Royal Society. Fellows are elected through a peer review process, with only the most eminent scientists being awarded for excellence in their field.

Current Researchers:

Alison Smith - Elected 2016

Mike Bevan - Elected 2013

Mervyn Bibb - Elected 2013

Keith Chater - Elected 1995

Enrico Coen - Elected 1998

Caroline Dean - Elected 2004

Ray Dixon - Elected 1999

Sir David Hopwood - Elected 1979

Dale Sanders - Elected 2001



William Bateson - Elected 1894

Joseph Chatt - Elected 1961

L F La Cour - Elected 1970

M B Crane - Elected 1947

C D Darlington - Elected 1941

John Robert Stanley Fincham - Elected 1969

Richard B Flavell - Elected 1998

Mike Gale - Elected 1996

JBS Haldane - Elected 1932

Sir A D Hall - Elected 1909

Nick Harberd - Elected 2009

Jeffrey Barry Harborne - Elected 1995

Chris Lamb - Elected 2008

Dan Lewis - Elected 1955

K Mather - Elected 1949

Roy Markham - Elected 1956

John Postgate - Elected 1977

Ralph Riley - Elected 1967

Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov - Elected 1942 



BBSRC Innovators of the Year

John Innes Centre researchers were awarded at BBSRC's Innovator of the Year awards in 2010, 2012 and 2014.

Professor Cathie Martin & Dr Eugenio Butelli being given their Most Promising Innovators award by BBSRC Chief Executive Jackie Hunter

In 2010, JIC alumnus Dr Michael McArthur was awarded the Most Promising Innovator award for his work on commercializing a new antibiotic to combat drug-resistant infections. 


In 2012, Professor George Lomonossoff and PhD student Frank Sainsbury was named Overall Innovators of the Year for his research on protein expression in plants.


In 2014, Professor Cathie Martin and Dr Eugenio Butelli were names Most Promising Innovators for their development of purple tomatoes, containing the health benefits of blueberries.





John Innes Centre researchers are regularly recognised through the Honours system, with 14 current and former JIC scientists recieving this recognition


Current Researchers:

Sir David Hopwood - 1994



Current Researchers:

Enrico Coen - 2002



Richard Flavell - 1999
Chris Lamb - 2009


Current Researchers:

Caroline Dean - 2004

Alison Smith - 2006

D. Roy Davies - 1995
Phil Dale - 2006
Keith Roberts - 2007


Current Researchers:

Cathie Martin - 2013

A. Gavin Brown - 1971
Phil Smith - 2008
Jeni Fox - 2009

British Empire Medal

Current Researchers:

Anne Edwards - 2015
























Society of Experimental Biology President's Medals

 - awarded annually to young scientists of outstanding merit

Dr Cristobal Uauy - 2014

Dr Veronica Grieneisen - 2011

In 2015, a study by Thomson Reuters named two John Innes Centre scientists in the top 1% of highly cited scientists across the world

Professor Alison Smith 

Professor Giles Oldroyd




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