Our Impact

Our plant and microbial research spans the spectrum from new discoveries in fundamental science to strategic applications to practical outcomes for agriculture and human health.

Funding through the UK's Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) enables our research to underpin benefits for today and for the future.

Antibiotics save millions of lives around the world each year. Half of all antibiotics come from Streptomyces, of which we are a world-leading authority on Streptomyces research, to identify new antibiotics, helping prevent the 25,000 deaths in the EU alone from antibiotic resistance each year.

Meanwhile, researchers here have developed a technique for growing vaccines in plants, cutting the time it takes to produce vaccines from 9 months to just 30 days.

Our work on nitrogen fixing will lead to increased wheat production meeting the starch needs of a massive 436 million people.

In 2013, an independent report by Brookdale Consulting found that every £1 invested in research at the John Innes Centre, results in a £12 return on that investment in 10 years.

Currently our wheat research alone makes an annual contribution of £8.7bn to the world economy, with a direct contribution to the UK economy of £400m. Our ongoing work on pod shatter in oil seed rape could soon save £115m more.

Our antibiotic resistance work, which is replacing antibiotics contributes a further £1.26bn to the EU economy each year.

Everyday impacts

Societal impacts

Industrial impacts 

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