Food safety

Safe food is essential for human and animal health and wellbeing and contamination of food with pathogenic microbes causes a huge economic and health burden around the world.

Researchers across the Norwich Research Park are actively engaged in research into how, where and when pathogens contaminate foodstuffs.

Specific interests include studying the epidemiology of food borne pathogens to identify reservoirs and sources of infection, studying the biology of various food borne pathogens to determine how they can survive in the food chain and the application of analytical techniques to study food itself and determine the impact of food composition on safety.

The work includes the use of genomics, metagenomics, molecular microbiology, colonisation and infection models and analytical chemistry approaches.

Scientists working on food safety across the Norwich Research Park, by institute are;

University of East Anglia

Earlham Institute

Quadram Institute

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