Growing Demonstrations

Over the years we have learnt that by far and away the best way of engaging with people and promoting interest and utility in our collections is through contact with actual growing plant material.

There is nothing better than enabling people to view the variation up close, whether it is comparing crop wild relatives with cultivated forms or specific traits relating to plant architecture and how the trait expresses across a number of plants to a small plot. Our curators are on hand to walk people through these displays and talk through the variation and provide background information on the origin or performance of different lines. For this reason the GRU places great emphasis on the use of growing demonstrations as ‘shop windows’ into the diversity within the collections we hold.

Each year we conduct a range of these demonstrations based on specific themes some of which have proved so useful as reference sets that they planted out annually while others might are grown out more occasionally. We conduct these as a form of public engagement with feedback and input as to what works, what additional material might be included and how the impact might be improved. In the coming years we plan to add to the list of demonstrations and extend the sites on which they are grown so as to attract new audiences.

If you would like to view the material then please contact us to arrange an appointment. Please email: