Library of Morphological variation within cultivated Peas

The aim of this demonstration is to provide the opportunity to view the widest possible range of genetic variation in morphological characters within cultivated peas (Pisum sativum) that are held within the John Innes Pisum Collection. While the range of variation available within modern cultivars of combining and vegetable peas is extensive it is a fraction of the full range of variation that exists and has been described in cultivated peas. This demonstration provides a show window into the wider variation of traits and combinations of traits that many are no familiar with. Even for the more familiar there is the chance to observe and talk through issues relating to the expressivity or penetrance of a character and the question of background effects.

The material is grown out in the field as individual plants against wire so as to give the most realistic assessment of the characters. To provide the best possible display, the material is germinated in small pots, hardened off at the seedling stage and transplanted out into position around mid-March.

The material is divided into sections dealing with habit, foliage, flowers, pods, and miscellaneous covering other interesting variation. The particular accessions used in this demonstration are frequently registered mutation or genetic stocks (gene symbols are underlined) for which fuller descriptions and images may be found in the pisum gene list. Where possible the material has been selected to demonstrate the phenotypic expression of known genes or gene combinations.


           rosette                                        JI  2160
           synchronous         1st branch                 JI 2412
           fasciation              fa                     JI 1709
           horizontalis            ho                     JI 846
           determinate             det                    JI 2121                  
           bifurcating  stem       bif                    JI 826
           creeping                creep                  JI 1746
           procumbens              pro                    JI 131
           slender                 sln                    JI 3011
           bulbous  base           blb                    JI  3024
           arthritic               art-2                  JI 2122
           ramosus  (basal)        rms                    JI 1745
           ramosus  (all nodes)    ram                    JI 756
           ramosus                 rms 1-11               JI 3194
           ramosus                 rms 2-1                JI 3189
           ramosus                 rms 3-2                JI 3188
           ramosus                 rms 4-1                JI 3187
           ramosus                 rms 6-1                JI 3195
Foliage Shape;
           reductus                red                        JI 833
           tenuifolius             ten                        JI  59
           serrated edge           ser                        JI 2168
           crispa                  cri                        JI 11
           reduced  stipule        st                         JI 1204
           Butterfly  stipules                                JI  2653
           stipule  imminuata      stim                       JI 2160
           stipules  asymmetric    stia                       JI 56
           red.  stipule wax       st wb                      JI 132
           latifolius              lat                        JI 10
           stipule  size                                      JI  614
           spoon  shaped stipule                              JI  40
           sinuate  leaf           sil                        JI 2016
           cochleata               coch                       JI  2165
           unpetiolle              up                         JI 130
           apulvini                apu                        JI 1349
           asymmetric  leaflets    asre                       JI 54
           afila                   af                         JI  1203
           afila+                  new af allele              JI 3129
           tendrilless             tl                         JI 1205
           tendrilled  acacia      tlpet                      JI 32
           acacia                  af tl                      JI 1207
           leafless                af tl st                   JI 1209
           narrow leaf base        nlb                        JI 2986
           tendrilled acacia       Uni>tac                    JI 2182
           unifoliata              uni                        JI  2171
Foliage Colour;
           dark green                                          JI  1405
           very  pale green                                    JI  799
           pale  green                                         JI  1889
           green/yellow                                        JI 2414
           dark  green                                         JI  2157
           dark  blue green        cov                         JI 1772
           yellow  green           yg1                         JI 35
           argenteum               Arg                         JI 1397
Flowering; early flowering         lf<a                        JI 141
Colour;    wild type                                           JI  64
           white                   a                           JI 321
           pink (pale)             am-1                        JI  124
           violet                  ar                          JI 14
           cerise                  ce                          JI 1860
           rose                    ce cr                       JI 1544
           appleblossom            cr                          JI 2776
           salmon  pink                                        JI  2179
           bicoloured              bip                         JI 803
           pink                    b                           JI  118
           mid-pink                beg                         JI 795
           faded  wings            ceo                         JI 1485
           faded                   sob                         JI 56
           pale  cream                                         JI  2104
           greenish                gf                          JI 2667
Shape;     keel  thrown back       nap                         JI 120
           open  keel                                          JI  134
           reduced  wings          k                           JI 17
           frilled  edge                                       JI  469
           lobed  standard         lst                         JI 3021
           bractioles              Br,Bra                      JI 48
           3  flowers/node                                     JI  474
           4  flowers/node                                     JI  493
Pods;      blunt                   Bt                          JI 1068
           pointed                 bt                          JI 430
           convex  (sabre)                                     JI  1715
           inflated                                            JI  614
           concave                 cp                          JI 2327
           thin  walled            n                           JI 124
           parchmentless           p n                         JI 1760
           JI  1922
           JI  3541
           neoplastic              Np                          JI 725
           dark  green             dp                          JI 1390
           yellow  pod             gp                          JI 73
           orange                  orp                         JI 1573
           purple                  pu, pur                     JI 1336
           splitting  pods         psp                         JI 2739
           ageotropic              age                         JI 1743
           curled                  curl                        JI 2769
           wilty                   wil                         JI 1069
           waxless                 wel                         JI 1389
           waxless  stipules       wb                          JI 322
           waxless  upper leaves   wlo                         JI  718
           waxless  pod            wp                          JI 1391
           axil  pig. double ring  D<w                         JI 2132
           axil  pig. two spots    D<ma                        JI 107
           axil  pig. four spots   D<tet                       JI 79
           heavy  grey flecking    Flw                         JI 2154
           grey  flecking absent   fl                          JI 2179
           heavy  red spotting                                 JI  1087
           twisted  tendrils       twt                         JI  3022
           rogue  (Thomas Laxton)                              JI  202
           type  (   "        " )                              JI 297