Simon Griffiths and Michelle Leverington-Waite and colleagues at the John Innes Centre kindly offered us spare space in one of their Kaspar (TM) genotyping runs. We were able to generate SNP data on 109 of our wheat accessions from the BBSRC small grain cereal collection, with the emphasis on heritage material. The accessions were typed with 402 markers generated by Keith Edwards and colleagues at Bristol University (see the cerealsDB website for more details).

Summary details

Lines Typed

Download details of the lines typed in this initiative here

Markers Typed

Download details of the markers typed in this initiative here


To aid utility, data on the lines present in the dataset available on the cerealsDB website are also included in the spreadsheet. Please acknowledge the Bristol University Functional Genomics Group or cite Allen et al 2011, Plant Biotech J, 9, 1086 if you use this data.
The dataset can be downloaded here


A dendrogram showing the inter-relatedness and diversity among these accessions as revealed by this exercise is viewable here