Open Friday Seminar – Impact of cryoEM in structural biology

Our Friday Seminar speaker on the 23rd of September is Professor Richard Henderson from LMB Cambridge, who will give the seminar at 11.30am.

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In the last decade, single particle electron cryomicroscopy (cryoEM) has experienced an enormous leap in its capability, due to improved electron microscopes, better detectors and better software, and this has revolutionised structural biology.

I will show some topical examples and discuss how further technical improvements might help to complete the structural biology revolution. There is also a desperate need to expand access to the methodology by developing low-cost cryoEM equipment, so I will also describe some of our efforts in this direction.


Richard Henderson is a structural biologist, with a background in physics.  His research trajectory began with protein crystallography using X-ray diffraction, then electron crystallography especially on bacteriorhodopsin, and most recently single particle electron cryomicroscopy (cryoEM).  CryoEM has now reached the stage where it is possible to obtain atomic structures of a wide variety of macromolecular complexes routinely without crystals, and is likely to overtake X-ray crystallography in productivity.  He is now focused on understanding the remaining problems in cryoEM that need to be solved to make the method reach its theoretical potential.

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