Open Friday Seminar – Genetic regulation of leaf development in C4 grasses

Jane Langdale Friday Seminar Leaf

Our Friday Seminar speaker on the 1st of July was Professor Jane Langdale from the University of Oxford.


All grasses exhibit a characteristic strap shaped leaf blade but this consistent external morphology masks an underlying anatomical difference that distinguishes species that carry out C4 versus C3 photosynthesis. A multi-national effort aimed at introducing components of C4 photosynthesis into the C3 plant rice requires an understanding of the genetic regulation of C4 leaf development, so that leaf anatomy can be manipulated in rice.

Jane will provide an overview of the current understanding of C4 leaf development, discuss recent research aimed at identifying genetic regulators of leaf anatomy, and illustrate how this research fits into the wider ‘C4 Rice Project’.

Biography Professor Jane Langdale

Jane Langdale is Professor of Plant Development in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford. Her research focusses on understanding the genetic mechanisms that underpin how leaves develop and how they evolved ( She is currently co-ordinator of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded C4 Rice Project (

Jane received her BSc (1982) from the University of Bath and PhD (1985) from the University of London. After post-doctoral research at Yale she returned to the UK to take up an independent research fellowship at Oxford. She was appointed University Lecturer at Oxford in 1994.

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