Prof Trevor Wang

Emeritus Fellow
Metabolic Biology

My research history has been on various aspects of legume biology, using natural and induced mutants with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of legume crops.   I have used both models and crops to investigated seed development, storage products, the legume-rhizobium symbiosis and several aspects of primary and secondary metabolism. 

My group’s current focus is on improving the crop legume, Lathyrus sativus, (grasspea) with the aim of removing the neurotoxin that it contains (β-N-oxalyl-L-α,β-diaminopropionic acid, ODAP). 

We are employing mutagenesis, biochemistry and analytical chemistry to investigate the biosynthesis of the compound in the hope of eliminating it completely from the plant. This will allow us to explore the true role of this compound in the plant and its effects on humans. We will also be generating a TILLING population to act as a community resource for general improvement of the crop.


Tel: 01603 450283

An insurance crop to be made safe

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Selected Publications

Vriet C., Welham T., Brachmann A., Pike M., Pike J., Perry J., Parniske M., Sato S., Tabata S., Smith A. M., Wang T. L. (2010)

A suite of Lotus japonicus starch mutants reveals both conserved and novel features of starch metabolism

Plant Physiology 154 p643-655

Recent Publications

Keymer A., Pimprikar P., Wewer V., Huber C., Brands M., Bucerius S. L., Delaux P. M., Klingl V., von Röpenack-Lahaye E., Wang T. L., Eisenreich W., Dörmann P., Parniske M., Gutjahr C. (2017)

Lipid transfer from plants to arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi.

eLife 6 pELife 2017 Jul 20; 6 pii: 29107

Publisher’s version: 10.7554/eLife.29107

Cerri M. R., Wang Q., Stolz P., Folgmann J., Frances L., Katzer K., Li X., Heckmann A. B., Wang T. L., Downie J. A., Downie A., de Carvalho-Niebel F., Xie F., Parniske M. (2017)

The ERN1 transcription factor gene is a target of the CCaMK/CYCLOPS complex and controls rhizobial infection in Lotus japonicus.

New Phytologist 215 p323-337

Publisher’s version: 10.1111/nph.14547

Qiu T., Lin J. S., Xu J., Sato S., Parniske M., Wang T., Downie A., Xie F. (2015)

SCARN a Novel Class of SCAR Protein That Is Required for Root-Hair Infection during Legume Nodulation

PLOS Genetics 11 pe1005623

Publisher’s version: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1005623

Wang T. L., Edwards A., Smith A. M., Vriet C. (2014)

Sucrose and Starch Metabolism

Publisher’s version: 10.1007/978-3-662-44270-8

Wang T. L., Robson F. (2014)

TILLING in Lotus japonicus

Publisher’s version: 10.1007/978-3-662-44270-8

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Trevor Wang


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