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History of Genetics Day

Programme - 9th September 2009

09:00 Introduction: Professor Jonathan Harwood (UK) 

Session 1: Bateson and his circle; early Mendelian genetics

09:15 Robert Olby (USA): William Bateson and the establishment of the John Innes Horticultural Institution

09:50 Marsha Richmond (USA): Institutionalizing Mendelism: Women in the John Innes Workforce

10:20 Refreshment Break

Session 2: Bateson and alternative approaches to heredity and evolution

10:50 Donald Forsdyke (Canada): William Bateson’s contributions to evolutionary theory

11:20 Theodore Porter (USA): Biometry and the question of blending inheritance 

Session 3: Inter-war genetics and JIC

11:50 Oren Harman (Israel): Evolutionary chromosomes: C. D. Darlington and Cytogenetics

12:20 Jenny Marie (UK): Genetics in 1930s Britain: a context for genetics at the John Innes Horticultural Institution and the Plant Breeding Institute

13:00 Luncheon

 14:10 Introduction: Professor Hans-Jorg Rheinberger

Session 4: Post war cultures of genetics

14:15 Soraya de Chadarevian (USA): Genetics in the atomic age

14:45 Colin Law: From Plant Breeding Institute to Crop Genetics

15:15 Refreshment Break

Session 5: Microbes and model organisms

15:45 Keith Chater (UK): Focus and diversity in the history of bacterial genetics

16:15 Sabina Leonelli (UK): Arabidopsis, the botanical Drosophila: from thale cress to model organism

16:45 Concluding discussion led by Professor Hans-Jorg Rheinberger

Organising Committee

Professor Keith Roberts (Chair, JIC Emeritus Professor), the late Professor Chris Lamb (Director JIC), Professor Sir David Hopwood (JIC Emeritus Professor), Professor Enrico Coen, (JIC), Dr Dee Rawsthorne (JIC), Sarah Wilmot (JIC), Professor Paul Nurse (Rockefeller, NY, USA), Sir Walter Bodmer (Oxford, UK). Secretariat: Dawn Barrett