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JI 100 - A Year of Centenary Celebrations

This website is a record of the events and activities held during the John Innes Centenary Celebrations which took place between August 2009 and July 2010. Activites ranged from the production of a commemorative beer to the holding of an international science symposium.

NOV '08: Centenary preparations begin! 'John Innes' rose bed planted. Gordon Rowley, 87, former 'Keeper of the Roses' when JI was at Bayfordbury, Herts, ceremonially heeled in 'John Innes', a new rose bred by Beales Roses, Attleborough. The 'John Innes', a new rose bred by Beales Roses, Attleborough to celebrate the John Innes Centenary Centenary merchandise starts to arrive A timeline covering the 100 years of the John Innes is published on this website John Innes Alumni meet at the JIC JIC produces a beer to celebrate its legacy to plant and microbial science Sir Paul Nurse opens the John Innes Symposium with a lecture on 'Genetic transmission through the cell cycle' The JIC opens to the public for its 'Discovery Day' Over 1700 members of the public visited labs, looked at demonstrations and took part in hands on activities as part of the JIC Discovery Day Children had their own activity sheet with rubbings to find, stamps to collect and fun questions to answer, people to find and prizes to win  A series of science talks took place in the Merton Auditorium The John Innes Centenary Exhibition goes on display at The Forum in Norwich Dr Ken explains the basics of genetics to members of the public at The Forum Syreeta Kumar &  Liz Rothschild perform 'Blooming Snapdragons', a play commissioned to celebrate the role of William Bateson's ladies in the early days of Genetics. May sees the official launch of the 'John Innes' rose at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2010

Events and News from the Centenary Year

  JULY 2010 - Official Centenary events end
Blooming Snapdragons JULY 2010 'Blooming Snapdragons' - play depicting the struggle of pioneering women scientists performed @ The Royal Institution, London
Rose JUNE 2010 The John Innes Centre presented a gift of a JI rose bush to a number of the science institute’s partners and supporters at a special evening at Peter Beales Roses, Attleborough.
JI Rose at Chelsea Flower Show MAY 2010 Official Launch of the 'John Innes' rose at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show
Blooming Snapdragons

MARCH 2010 'Blooming Snapdragon's performed @ the Forum, Norwich. William Bateson was the first Director of the John Innes and in researching the history we came across the remarkable story of Bateson’s Ladies, unsung heroes in the development of the new science of genetics.

Watch a performance of 'Blooming Snapdragons'

The John Innes goes to the Forum MARCH 2010: JI Centenary Exhibition goes on display at the Forum, Norwich
House of Lords

JANUARY 2010: Discussion supper on the Economic Impact of Plant and Microbial Science from the JIC was held at House of Lords. Invited guests joined The Earl of Selborne for dinner and discussions.

JI Beer

OCTOBER 2009: JI Centenary Beer, 'John Innes 100', to be launched at the Norwich Beer Festival. The beer, an English style India Pale Ale, was brewed by the Thornbridge brewery who used floor-maltings from barley grown in Norfolk with an age old brewing technique. It is currently available from various pubs around Norwich including the Fat Cat and The Unthank Arms. 

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JI100 events are a triumph

SEPTEMBER 2009: Discovery Day, the first 'open day' for over 20 years at the John Innes Centre. Over 1700 visitors walked freely around the site following a designated route. Along the way they visited labs, looked at demonstrations and took part in hands on activities in a wide range of topics from the molecules of life to finding out about the famous John Innes Composts in the potting shed.

View Photos and video from the JI Discovery Day

JI Alumni Day

SEPTEMBER 2009: John Innes Alumni Day. The event brought together former staff to share their memories, catch up with what goes on today, and of course to have some fun. The day of reminiscing was hosted by Professor Sir John Beringer

View Photos and video from the JI Alumni Day

Genetics 100 Years On symposium

SEPTEMBER 2009: Centenary Symposium ‘Genetics 100 Years On’. The Symposium reflected on the various areas of human interest that have been transformed by a genetic approach, examining where these areas are now and where they might be in the next 100 years. The event opened with The Bateson Lecture which was presented by Professor Sir Paul Nurse.

View The Bateson Lecture 'Genetic transmission through the cell cycle' by Professor Sir Paul Nurse

View Presentations from the 'Genetics: 100 Years On' Symposium

William Bateson

SEPTEMBER 2009: History of Genetics One Day Meeting. This focal event celebrated 100 years of John Innes science examining the legacy of William Bateson, who coined the term ‘genetics’ and played a central role in the development of early genetics in Britain.

View Presentations from the 'History of Genetics' Conference

Timeline SEPTEMBER 2009: A comprehensive Timeline is published on this website. The later decades are still under development but we hope it will give you an insight into the workings of the John Innes throughout its 100 years.
John Innes Park celebrations AUGUST 2009: On Saturday 1st August Mike Ambrose and Sarah Wilmot attended an event at the John Innes Park in Merton, Surrey where residents celebrated the centenary of the park opening to the people of Merton as a gift from John Innes. The Park is bordered by John Innes’ former home, the Manor House that was the original site of the John Innes Horticultural Institution when it opened in 1910. Peter Innes, representing the John Innes Foundation, was in attendance at the unveiling by the Deputy Mayor of Merton of a commemorative rose bed, with specimens of the new John Innes rose donated by the JIC.
NOVEMBER 2008: Centenary Celebrations Begin! 'John Innes' rose bed planted