Xylella insect vectors

Xylella lives in the xylem of plants and so insects that feed on the xylem are potential vectors to transfer the bacteria between plants.

A common froghopper, the Meadow Spittlebug or Meadow Froghopper Philaenus spumarius, is one such xylem feeder with a wide range of plants hosts. It is thought P. spumarius is responsible for the much of the spread of Xylella across Europe but other species could also play a role.

BRIGIT will further expand and build on:

These resources build on databases established by the University of Sussex and National Museum Wales through an existing community of enthusiast entomologists. Taken together these resources will generate knowledge on insect vector dispersal rates and molecular diagnostic tools for informing potential Xylella dispersal.

These resources and databases are accessible online for inspectors, trade bodies, nursery owners, farmers and government bodies to access.

Other potential insect vectors of Xylella BRIGIT will investigate:

  • Cicadella lasiocarpae
  • Cicadella viridis
  • Graphocephala fennahi
  • Evacanthus acuminatus
  • Evacanthus interruptus
  • Anoterostemma ivanhofi
  • Aphrophora alni
  • Aphrophora major
  • Aphrophora pectoralis
  • Aphrophora salicina
  • Neophilaenus campestris
  • Neophilaenus exclamationis
  • Neophilaenus lineatus
  • Neophilaenus logiceps
  • Cercopis vulnerata
  • Euscelis lineolatus
  • Euscelis incisus

Photo guide to British Aphrophoridae