Upcoming Friday Seminars

Friday Seminars planned for the upcoming academic term are;


  • 7 June –¬†Professor Susan Lea, Oxford University -‘Pulling type three secretion systems apart to put them back together high resolution views of complexes from flagellar and non-flagellar type three systems’
  • 14 June –¬†Professor Katayoon Dehesh, University of California – ‘Choreography of plastidial retrograde signaling network in interorganellar communication’
  • 21 June – Professor Julian Schroeder, University of California, San Diego – ‘CO2 Sensing in Plants and New Insights into Drought-Induced Abscisic Acid Signal Transduction’
  • 28 June – Professor Maria Schumacher, Duke University – ‘Structural mechanisms of prokaryotic DNA segregation and Francisella tularensis virulence activation’


  • 5 July – Professor Wenbo Ma, University of California –¬†‘Defense and counter-defence: what can we learn from pathogen effectors’
  • 12 July – Speaker TBC – ‘Title TBC’