Upcoming Friday Seminars

Friday Seminars planned for the upcoming academic term are;


  • 20 September – Professor Eric Schranz, Wageningen University – ‘Comparing Plant and Animal Genomes: Using Network-based microsynteny analysis to identify major differences and genomic outliers’
  • 27 September – Professor Yijun Qi, Tsinghua University – ‘The Long and The Short: Small RNAs in Plants’


  • 4 OctoberThe Woolhouse Lecture – Professor Tetsuya Higashiyama, Nagoya University – ‘Key signalling molecules in plant reproduction “re-discovery of a reproductive hormone”’
  • 18 October – Professor Louise Glass, University of California, Berkeley – Licence to Kill: NLR and Gasdermin-like proteins regulate nonself recognition and cooperation in fungi’


  • 1 November – Professor Kit Pogliano, University of California, San Diego
  • 8 November – Professor Jan-Willem Veening, University of Lausanne – ‘Spatio-temporal control of DNA replication by the pneumococcal cell cycle regulator CcrZ’
  • 15 November – Professor Jirí Friml, Institute of Science and Technology, Austria
  • 22 November – Dr Olivier Hamant, Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge, based at Ens-Lyon – ‘Mechanical signals contribute to developmental robustness’
  • 29 November – Professor Christine Beveridge, University of Queensland – ‘Molecular physiology of shoot branching – hormones, sugars and networks’


  • 6 December – Dr Francois Tardieu, French National Institute for Agricultural Research
  • 13 December – Professor Crisanto Gutierrez, Centro De Biologia Molecular – ‘Cell proliferation during organogenesis: more complex than anticipated’