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PGene: Web searchable Gene List

Accompanying notes for PGene


The web searchable gene list is the culmination of some 23 years of development that has spanned three generations of computing equipment and database software. Originally initiated by Dr. Stig Blixt during his years as Director of the Nordic Gene Bank, he undertook the work as part of his co-ordination role for gene symbols and genetic stocks for the Pisum Genetics Association.
The developments in IT have extended the capabilities in recent years, although the original concept of a database system on genetic information relating to mutations in Pisum is still adhered too. Advantage has been taken to incorporate images to complement the text descriptions of genes. The number of images available in this first version are limited but it is hoped the initiative will encourage others to submit good images to be used in the future.


* To provide a single reference point to high quality genetic information relating to published genetics of mutations in pea.

* To regularly update the information as new references, information and stocks become available.

The long development of this application has meant a number of compromises being made to reach the point at which the system could be opened up to the wider research community. Extensive revisions and amendments have been made over recent years but many more remain to be done. It is hoped that, having the system up and running, will help with the feedback and further revision of descriptions and other information being received from users of the system. For the long term success of the exercise, it is essential that this feedback takes place.
There should be an element of collective ownership in maintaining in current practice a wider expertise in Pisum genetics and it is hoped that this database goes some way to helping with this objective.

Thank you to all those who have sent information and reference stocks to me over recent years.
I would especially like to pay tribute to the late Stig Blixt for his early work on the system. Last but not least I would like to pay tribute to the generations of geneticists and breeders whose efforts in pea have resulted in the rich legacy we have today.

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