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Description: Description: Description: Description: composite of variation in seedsThe collection is broad based and comprises 3580 accessions including a wide range of wild and semi-cultivated material. All categories of cultivated material are represented and a large numbers of genetic stocks are maintained as well as sets of host differentials for all major pea diseases. The collection is the International genetic stocks centre for the species in collaboration with the Nordic Gene Bank which serves as the base collection and backup for the work at the JIC. A web searchable catalogue (PGene) of genetic stocks for Pisum is maintained and can be accessed via the link listed below. A number of recombinant inbred populations used for the mapping programmes at the JIC are also maintained as part of the collection.


NEW in 2012: The John Innes Pisum Collection works closely with other organisations and has had a number of successful collaborations that have resulted in the development of important data sets that add value to the collection and enhance its utility. Over the coming year we will be working to enhance the available data that have arisen from these outputs as we move towards flagging and developing ‘community Resources’.

The first is an output of a long standing collaboration between Noel Ellis of the JIC and Andy Flavell based at the University of Edinburgh to explore and develop molecular markers to gain an understanding of the genetic diversity within Pisum and its origins and to apply them to genotype complete collections. This was achieved over a long time period and several funding grants. The culmination of the work came with the following paper;

Jing R, Vershinin A, Grzebyta J, Shaw P, Smękal P, Marshall D, Ambrose MJ , Ellis THN, Flavell AJ (2010) The genetic diversity and evolution of field pea (Pisum) studied by high throughput retrotransposon based insertion polymorphism (RBIP) marker analysis. BMC Evolutionary Biology 10:44doi:10.1186/1471-2148-10-44.

Original data sources, microarray and map data can all be found by clicking on the following link.

This work has provided a whole new baseline description for the collection which is the basis of further study as we look to target particular sections of the diversity for particular traits of interest. Early in 2010 Noel Ellis left the John Innes to take up a Chair at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) at the University of Aberystwyth where he continues to maintain very valuable web resources relating to pisum mutants, genetic maps and diversity studies.

Links to output to further collaborations and resources will be provided over the coming months.

For further information relating to the collections please contact: Mike Ambrose John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park Colney Lane, Norwich, NR4 7UH. TEL: +01603 450630. Email

We gratefully acknowledge financial support for the pea collection from  Description: Description: Description: Description: N:\PISUM\defralogo1.gif

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