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A selection of images of individual plots (5 at present). This set will be added to at the end of each growing season.


Blue Cone (W 1022)

An old wheat cultivated often in the 17th Century through to the 1930's

An example of a Rivet wheat (Triticum turgidum). Also known as Blue Ball or Blue Poll.

Essex called Grey Poll, Hert. Duckbill and Dugdate wheat and Huntingdon referred to as Dunover wheat.

This line is from John Percival's original collection of wheats from Great Britain which he put together in the late 1920's and early thirties during his time at the University of Reading.

A very late wheat. Canopy height 130cm.


Bearded Red (W1012)

A tall long awned red chaffed form, very similar to 'April Bearded '

Canopy height 130cm.











Red Lammas (W 987)

Lammas wheat is a descriptive term given to old forms of wheat referenced as early as 1700's.

The ears of this form as very slender and tapered.

Canopy height 130cm




Browick Old True (W1001)

The original Browick was found in a field of Scotch Annat wheat by R. Banham on his farm at Browick near Wymondham, Norfolk.

This is one of two Browick accessions in the collection and the one that conforms closest to the original description (squareheaded and red chaffed). Sold as Browick or Browick Red until about 1882.

Slightly shorter straw with a distinct shorter ear.

Canopy height 138cm

Hen Gymro (W 498)

Landrace form from Wales. Beardless (non awned) and one of the few surviving forms with hairy or 'hoary' chaff. Striking red pigment in the upper portion of the peduncle.

Canopy height 128cm.







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