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Curriculum Vitae

  • 1981 BSc, Biochemistry, University of Southampton, UK
  • 1985 PhD, Biochemistry, University of Bristol, UK
  • 1985 - 1988 Postdoctoral Fellow, John Innes Centre, UK
  • 1988 - 1990 SERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, John Innes Centre, UK
  • 1990 - 1994 SERC Advanced Research Fellow, John Innes Centre, UK
  • 1994 - 1999 Lister Institute Research Fellow, John Innes Centre, UK
  • 1996 - 1999 Project Leader, Band 5, John Innes Centre, UK
  • 1999 - 2002 Project Leader, Band 4, John Innes Centre, UK
  • 2002 - present Project Leader, Band 3, John Innes Centre, UK
  • 2005 - present Honorary Professor, University of East Anglia, UK

Mark Buttner

Head of Department

Molecular Microbiology

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Research interests

1. Control of differentiation in Streptomyces.

2. RNA polymerase and sigma factor function in Streptomyces.

3. Oxidative stress in Streptomyces.

4. Cell wall homeostasis in Streptomyces.

5. Vancomycin resistance in Streptomyces.

Selected Publications

Bush M. J., Bibb M. J., Chandra G., Findlay K., Buttner M. J. (2013)
Genes required for aerial growth, cell division and chromosome segregation are targets of WhiA before sporulation in Streptomyces vene.zuelae
mBio 4 e00684-13
Bibb M. J., Domonkos A., Chandra G., Buttner M. J. (2012)
Expression of the chaplin and rodlin hydrophobic sheath proteins in Streptomyces venezuelae is controlled by σBldN and a cognate anti-sigma factor, RsbN.
Molecular Microbiology 84 (6) 1033-1049
Hempel A. M., Cantlay S., Molle V., Wang S. B., Naldrett M. J., Parker J. L., Richards D. M., Jung Y. G., Buttner M. J., Flärdh K. (2012)
The Ser/Thr protein kinase AfsK regulates polar growth and hyphal branching in the filamentous bacteria Streptomyces.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109 (35) E2371-9
Richards D., Hempel A., Flardh K., Buttner M., Howard M. (2012)
Mechanistic basis of branch-site selection in filamentous bacteria
PLoS Computational Biology 8 e1002423
Le T. B., Schumacher M. A., Lawson D. M., Brennan R. G., Buttner M. J. (2011)
The crystal structure of the TetR family transcriptional repressor SimR bound to DNA and the role of a flexible N-terminal extension in minor groove binding.
Nucleic Acids Research 39 (21) 9433-9447
den Hengst C. D., Tran N. T., Bibb M. J., Chandra G., Leskiw B. K., Buttner M. J. (2010)
Genes essential for morphological development and antibiotic production in Streptomyces coelicolor are targets of BldD during vegetative growth
Molecular Microbiology 78 (2) 361–379
Koteva K., Hong H. J., Wang X. D., Nazi I., Hughes D., Naldrett M. J., Buttner M. J., Wright G. D. (2010)
A vancomycin photoprobe identifies the histidine kinase VanSsc as a vancomycin receptor.
Nature Chemical Biology 6 (5) 327-329

Recent Publications

Sidda J. D., Song L., Poon V., Al-Bassam M., Lazos O., Buttner M. J., Challis G. L., Corre C. (2014)
Discovery of a family of γ-aminobutyrate ureas via rational derepression of a silent bacterial gene cluster
Chemical Science 5 86-89
Jones A. C., Gust B., Kulik A., Heide L., Buttner M. J., Bibb M. J. (2013)
Phage P1-derived artificial chromosomes facilitate heterologous expression of the FK506 gene cluster
PLoS One 8 (7) e69319
Saalbach G., Hempel A. M., Vigouroux M., Flärdh K., Buttner M. J., Naldrett M. J. (2013)
Determination of Phosphorylation Sites in the DivIVA Cytoskeletal Protein of Streptomyces coelicolor by Targeted LC-MS/MS.
Journal of Proteome Research 12 (9) 4187-92
Tzanis A., Dalton K. A., Hesketh A., den Hengst C. D., Buttner M. J., Thibessard A., Kelemen G. H. (2013)
A sporulation-specific, sigF-dependent protein, SspA, affects septum positioning in Streptomyces coelicolor.
Molecular Microbiology 91 (2) 363-80
Flärdh K., Richards D. M., Hempel A. M., Howard M., Buttner M. J. (2012)
Regulation of apical growth and hyphal branching in Streptomyces.
Current Opinion in Microbiology 15 (6) 737-43