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Sam Mugford

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Cell & Developmental Biology

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Selected Publications

Mugford S. G., Yoshimoto N., Reichelt M., Wirtz M., Hill L., Mugford S. T., Nakazato Y., Noji M., Takahashi H., Kramell R., Gigolashvili T., Flügge U. I., Wasternack C., Gershenzon J., Hell R., Saito K., Kopriva S. (2009)
Disruption of adenosine-5'-phosphosulfate kinase in Arabidopsis reduces levels of sulfated secondary metabolites
Plant Cell 21 (3) 910-927

Recent Publications

Bochenek M., Etherington G. J., Koprivova A., Mugford S. T., Bell T. G., Malin G., Kopriva S. (2013)
Transcriptome analysis of the sulfate deficiency response in the marine microalga Emiliania huxleyi.
New Phytologist 199 (3) 650-62
Mugford S. T., Louveau T., Melton R., Qi X., Bakht S., Hill L., Tsurushima T., Honkanen S., Rosser S. J., Lomonossoff G. P., Osbourn A. (2013)
Modularity of Plant Metabolic Gene Clusters: A Trio of Linked Genes That Are Collectively Required for Acylation of Triterpenes in Oat.
Plant Cell 25 (3) 1078-1092
Owatworakit A., Townsend B., Louveau T., Jenner H., Rejzek M., Hughes R. K., Saalbach G., Qi X., Bakht S., Roy A. D., Mugford S. T., Goss R. J., Field R. A., Osbourn A. (2013)
Glycosyltransferases from oat (Avena) implicated in the acylation of avenacins.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (6) 3696-704
Scialdone A., Mugford S. T., Feike D., Skeffington A., Borrill P., Graf A., Smith A. M., Howard M. (2013)
Arabidopsis plants perform arithmetic division to prevent starvation at night.
eLife 2 e00669
Lee B. R., Huseby S., Koprivova A., Chételat A., Wirtz M., Mugford S. T., Navid E., Brearley C., Saha S., Mithen R., Hell R., Farmer E. E., Kopriva S. (2012)
Effects of fou8/fry1 mutation on sulfur metabolism: Is decreased internal sulfate the trigger of sulfate starvation response?
PLoS ONE 7 (6) e39425
Mugford S. T., Milkowski C. (2012)
Serine Carboxypeptidase-Like Acyltransferases from Plants
Methods in Enzymology 516 279-297