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The John Innes Centre receives strategic funding from BBSRC

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John Innes Centre
Computer screen display of output from Affymetrix scanner.

Scientific Resources at the John Innes Centre

The John Innes Centre is first and foremost a fundamental and strategic science research centre. However, some of the JIC's internal scientific services and other resources are made available to the external research community and the general public.

For example the JIC holds a large collection of plant and microbial genetic stocks that are available to external academic and industrial groups and we maintain several scientific databases that are publicly accessible.

We also supply, on a commercial basis, a limited range of specialist products to scientific colleagues.

As a world-leading research site the JIC is able to attract the funding and support needed to maintain extensive state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Alone, or in collaboration with NRP partners, the Centre provides, or has access to, key platform technologies that underpin its research.

JIC facilities include over 8,000m2 of conventional and containment glasshouses, 187m2 of controlled environment suites and field trial sites on a total of 400 acres of farmland. Specialised laboratories and equipment suites (over 30,000m2) provide for microbial, biochemical, chemical and molecular biological research. The Centre has also invested heavily in spectroscopy equipment and electron and confocal microscopes.

Our Conference Centre (see is available to external hirers and is used for public events such as art exhibitions and concerts, while our library, archives and special collections can be visited by academics and the public by appointment.